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    [h=2]ready stok..

    ATF Nitro SD Reader enables Micro SD Card Brute-Force and Factory Formatting functionalities for ALL ATF Boxes without Micro SD Card Ports. It also works with the Original ATF Chrome Box.

    ATF Nitro SD Reader - Outstanding Features
    • Ultra-fast communication speed (up to 25MHz for hi-speed capable cards).
    • Fastest brute-force speed with "Intelligent Card Speed Threshold Adjustment".
    • First and only device in GSM industry that can retrieve SD card passwords without formatting.
    [h=2]ATF Nitro SD Reader - Compatibility[/h]
    • Compatible with ATF Lightning, ATF Nitro and ATF Chrome Boxes with LogiCore 10.3.12 or Higher.
    • Compatible with ALL Micro SD Card Brands that conform or don't conform to the SD Standards.
    • Compatible with ALL Micro SD Card Capacities (tested up to 128 gigabytes).



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