Help with steps to replace Galaxy Ace 2 screen

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by samiejg, Dec 21, 2013.

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm new to the forum here and am looking for some help finding everything I need to replace the screen on my phone. Would anyone be able to help me answer these questions?

    My phone I believe is a Samsung Galaxy Ace IIx. Under the battery it says: gt-s7560m.

    I'm trying to find somewheres online that sells it for the cheapest price. Getting confused finding stuff like galaxy ace by itself, or galaxy ace II.

    Would anyone know the cheapest place to get one specifically for the IIx?

    Another question I had.. are the digitilizer and screens separate? And does the same go for buying them? If so, how would I know which needs to be replaced. I'm assuming both though. But what's happening is the phone got *****ed and it still turns on or anything but the touch screen doesn't work. I remember before the phone was *****ed if I had my finger on the screen and tried doing anything else with my other fingers, then nothing would happen. I was thinking that was similar to why the touchpad wasn't working, but I dunno. The LCD seems fine though.

    Edit: Also I'm a bit confused by the following "Samsung Galaxy Ace 2X S7560 Duos S7562 Black". It doesn't show S7560m exactly like my phone is. Does that mean it's the wrong phone?

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