gpg dragon upfate v3.39

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    What is news?

    1. Auto Pinfind Coolsand\RDA CPU
    2. Coolsand Auto Pinfind Support for Dragon Dongle Volcano\Avator Box\ET-BOX\Super Doctor...
    3. Coolsand / RDA CPU and Flashing time Unknown Bug Fixed
    3. New Mehod of writing block algorithm of MTK 6577\6575 EMMC Flash IC
    4. Adjust MTK 6589 Write EMMC Flash
    5. SPRD 6820/8810 Read Flash (New)
    6. USB Port Option Added for Dragon Dongle. You can use USB Cable to flash the such types of Phone
    7. Adjusted SPRD 6531 CPU Writinig Flash Bugs
    8. Some known bug Fixed

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