Zeus vs. Monsters [suggestons appreciated]

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    I have just released a new math game and the reason I am posting it here is to get some high quality feedback on it. Many spammers rate games very low, but do not explain what's wrong, which does not help with fixing the problems. I've been reading posts and noticed that people here keep it real, so I'd appreciate any everything you have to say.

    Zeus vs. Monsters - Math Game is supposed to help kids learn and practice math while having fun. Along with that, the Greek mythology theme has the goal to introduce children to mythical creatures and gods in a way that they won't have to learn it from a book for homework, but through play. I've added a section "For educators", where parents can check their kids' scores and progress.

    Enjoy and come back with feedback. Any suggestions are welcome. :rock:

    The game is available for free on Google Play, the game preview is on YouTube and you can get in touch via the Facebook page - Zeus vs. Monsters - Math Game.


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