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    Chimera Tool
    a) All Modules Licences (839 Credits) 12 Month - Rp1.600.000
    b) BlackBerry module (599 Credits) 12 Months - Rp1.180.000
    c) Samsung module 129 Credits (5 Month) - Rp365.000
    d) Chimera Tool Credits (100 Credits) - Rp335.000

    Cara order :
    1) Silakan download dan instal software di
    2) Konfirmasi pembayaran kemari + sebut Username
    3) Diproses ke server, menunggu dan selesai

    Harga sangat tergantung dengan kurs dollar.

    Terimakasih. Pin BB 2B278189
    WhatsApp & WeChat 08122962665 . Info terbaru akan disampaikan di GROUP FB,

    ChimeraTool BlackBerry update

    ChimeraTool update: added new Blackberry models and bug fixes

    ChimeraTool update: NEW Blackberry model added/ IMEI repair

    ChimeraTool BlackBerry clear board repair update

    Sedia credits ChimeraTool, keterangan dan penjelasang tentangnya,
    silakan mengunjungi
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    We updated the Chimera Tool, latest version : 1.96.1710

    What's new?
    As you know if signature erased or somehow damaged, you can not use your board / phone anymore, it will just blink. Is there any way to repair these "cleared boards"? Until now the answer was no, you can not, but it has been changed.
    Good news, Chimera Team did it, you can repair totally dead BlackBerry cleared boards from now.

    Which models are supported at this function?
    9700, 9780, 9360 models are supported for empty board repair, but we are working to add more and more models too. This function is a paid function and will costs 19 credits.

    How does this function works and for what kind of problems is it for?

    I would better clarify with some cases when you need it.

    Case one: You have erased your EEprom with 3rd party tools
    Case two: You have erased your phone without making backup from security EE fields. (blank flash chip)
    You need repair IMEI or PIN

    Other new functions in this version:

    9360, 9780, 9700 IMEI / PIN repair has been released !!(19 credits)
    We have added read MSL code function
    We have added lock BlackBerry phones to any operator
    ...and we have added disable/enable internal storage memory function too.

    What kind of bug fixes does this update contains?

    9900 repair IMEI bug fix. This bugfix will hopefully fix all of the qualcom writing related problems
    99xx, 96xx, 95xx refurbish bug has been fixed, now phones will not stuck at 75% of loading

    More about this: ChimeraTool update: v 1.96.1710

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