Undead vs. Plants – Free Ricochet Shooter

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    Undead vs. Plants is a new shootinggame. Use ricochet kills to shoot all the plants and move through thelevels. Get ready, aim and shoot to help the zombie kill all theplants in this physics simulation game!

    Zombie vs Plants Windows Phone Screenshot 1. Zombie vs Plants Windows Phone Screenshot 2.

    With 150 levels, the game is a realpastime pleasure. Undead vs. Plants takes you through variouslandscape from dark caves to jungles and sunny beaches. Brush uponphysics laws, get the right angle and board this shooting adventure!

    Download the game for free from WindowsPhone Store: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/s...-shooter/44b3f48e-0f12-4789-9aed-3d0e27022cd5

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