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    Radar Screensaver v1.71 + full


    Radar Screensaver v1.71

    The Radar Screensaver is a modern and outstanding screen saving software which is able to turn your video display into a screen of the fabulous radar watching the skies and seas. It will detect any flying object, identify its type, speed and course, and will track its movement across the whole controlled airspace. You will see this process in real time on your screen as if you were the air traffic control operator.
    If you have two or more monitors connected to your PC, you will be able to configure it to show same or different situations on different displays. This will turn your workplace into something like real airspace observation post. You also will be able to choose display resolution and color quality for each of your monitors and choose which of them should be black while the animation is running.

    The Radar Screensaver 1.71 introduces a new function which will make it more useful, allowing you to leave an on-screen message while you are away from your computer. You will be able to create several shortcuts on your desktop or quick launch bar for starting the screensaver quickly in different situations (e.g. lunch, briefing or meeting).

    We recommend a configuration based on the Intel® Pentium-IV® (or comparable AMD®) processor, 256MB of RAM and nVidia® GeForce® or ATI® Radeon® graphics card with 64MB of video memory.
    You may need a sound card to allow your PC to produce the sounds generated during radar simulation.

    Windows NT4/XP/2000/2003.


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