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    Big Clock Pro - Thinstalled


    A utility that displays a big analogue clock on your desktop</h2>Thisutility displays a big analogue clock on your desktop, and you canadjust its position and size. Three skins are available in thedownloadable version: default, night and classic. You have thepossibility to set the alarm, clock translucency and hourly beeps.

    This clock can be shown in front of all other windows or it can beminimized to tray. With the mouse wheel you can modify the clock size.Auto run option is also present, and all these settings are saved andrestored next time the program is launched.

    Here are some key features of "Big Clock Pro":

    · Resize clock with the mouse wheel;
    · Half size toggle;
    · Clock translucency, 10 levels;
    · Minimize to tray;
    · Auto run and clock alarm;
    · Stay in front option;
    · Auto change option for PM hours

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