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Discussion in 'MxKey Dongle' started by admin, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. admin

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    Installer Version: 1.8
    EXE version 1.78 rel.9 build 999
    MXKEY required

    - Added, BB5 Flashing support.
    With Selectable RAP and APE flash only for best flashing result.
    - Added, BB5 Read ASK(GT format) and Write RPL(NMP format)
    - Improved, Communication logic to fixes CPU and Mem usage on some PC.
    - Improved, Base band Self test to fix BB5 issues.
    - Added, DCT4+ Asic 2 and Asic 11 direct unlock.
    - Added, DCT4 'new' Asic 2 (1110,1600 new version) unlock.
    - Added, LCD contrast reset to fix 1110i LCD issues after unlock.
    - Improved, DCT4 Imei patch to fix ESN patch issues.
    - Fixed, CS patch only for 7250i or 6610i.
    - Fixed, BB5 SIMLock backup & restore.
    - Improved, Menu Editor (propuct profile) parser to support new *.ppu.
    - Improved, UFSx boot to fix NBOX 'cant boot' issues.
    - Added, ASIC_ID check when flashing so you wont kill the phone if you select incorrect file.
    - Many minor bugs fixed.
  2. admin

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    EXE version: 1.79 release 10 build 1098
    MXKEY required

    - Added, BB5 Standalone SW downgrade procedure
    credits to Dejan K, this is based on his hints.
    - Improved, DCT4/BB5 phone change mode.

    manual almost finish, more to come soon

  3. djawir_cell

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    Added, Self update button, software update made simple.
    Added, DCT4 online logger/IMEI fix
    Added, Direct USB connection for FBUS protocol.
    Added, Integrated and online(under custruction) help file
    Reenabled, DCT4 ADSP flashing function
    Added, DCT4 ADL/APE flashing function
    Added, DCT4 CNT128 auto convertion
    Improved FBUS and MBUS connection.
    Improved DCT3 flashing function.
    Improved Multiflashing, flashing continuesly is now possible.
    Improved Format and Self test function.
    Fixed, DCT4 relock bugs.
    Fixed, BB5 booting problems on some phones.
    Added, BB5 Certificate (NPC + SIMLOCK) backup
    Added, BB5 custom erase. warning: Erasing flash could be dangerous for BB5 phones, use with good reason only !!!
    Added, logs while reading PMM
    Added, LED status to determine box state
    Added, Progress on file info while flashing DCT4 phones
    also so many changes that would be fill out this page if written..

    Get it while it HOT..!!!
  4. ramex

    ramex Member

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    Update MobileEx 2.1

    Anda terlebih dahulu menginstall MobileEx v.2.0

    New Feature...

    * Added, BB5 USB Flashing.
    * Added, Direct BB5 SP unlocker using UFS/JAF/DKU2 USB/COM port
    * Improved, BB5 Certificate backup(read) and RPL write
    * Added, BB5 PMM (superdongle) auth (currently only working IF SX4 connected to the system, server solution under construction)
    * Fixed, DCT4 Watchdog test
    * Added, SP Unlock for some CDMA phone to fix 'Phone restricted'
    * Fixed, ESN patch not work when invalid ESN entered
    * Added, Patch software option for IMEI/ESN changer.
    * Some other bugs fixed.
  5. admin

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    mobileEx v2.2
    - Added, Support Server for BB5 PMM(SX4) Auth
    - Fixed, BB5 RAP3Gv3 boot
    - Fixed, BB5 USB flashing for BB5 RAP3Gv3.
    - Fixed, DCT4 ADL flashing bugs
    - Fixed, VCOM changing mode result in 'busy'
    - Improved, BB5 RPL write
    PRODUTCODE,HWID and PSN now written. fixed SIMlock upload for BB5 RAP3Gv3.
    - Improved, BB5 SIMlock INFO(BB5 RAP3Gv3).
    - Improved, 'GetAddr' for BB5 custom erase
    - Improved, Phone Detection after restart.
    - Changed, COMport detection in device list, Only active ports are displayed
    - Improved, Self Update. Will download Only if version on server is newer.
    - Fixed, DCT4 RPL logger
    - Changed, internal code for WinXP X64 and Vista compatibilities

    official support
  6. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member Administrator

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    mobileEx v2.2.1 update

    - Added, DCT4 IMEI logger client to support mx server
    - Improved, BB5 USB flashing
    - Improved, "PhoneSafe" function for BB5
    - Added, read BB5 RAP FLASH IMEI when BUS check
    - and some minor bug fix.


  7. udie_kidz

    udie_kidz New Member

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    mobileEx v2.2.2 released

    mobileEx v2.2.2 build 778

    - Fixed, all RAP3Gv3 BB5 boot (hopefully :-D)
    - Improved, BB5 USB flashing ('new' APE phones)
    - Improved, BB5 certificate tool
    backup 'ALL section' will read NPC,VARIANT,CCC,HWC RAP and APE.
    write RPL function now able to write ALL section from backup or NMP.
    - Improved, SL INFO read
    - Added, HW & Part info during 'Phone Info'
    - Added, Master Code read during 'BUS check'
    The master code readed from phone could be used to unlock security code for attached phone even counter was already blocked, including 'new' TIKU CDMA phones smiley
    - Added, Mass Memory Storage Device flash handle (6265,6230i, etc)
    - Changed, Format File System routine(tab maintenance->tabset FS).
    - Fixed, DCT4 ADSP flashing(NGAGE)
    - Fixed, DCT4 APE flashing
    - Fixed, some minor bugs and added new bugs(maybe [​IMG])
  8. bestncheap

    bestncheap New Member

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    MXKey 2.3.0 Update

    New fresh installer is ready.


    - Added, DATA1 backup confirmation before FLASH erase
    - Improved, BB5 certificate backup(certificate size displayed, will exit if certificate is corrupted ! )
    - Improved, PMM auth routines(will exit if IMEI or SIMLOCK is bad!)
    - Improved, Master code read(remembar: we're the first and the only one solution at the moment)
    - Improved, SL_INFO read(sometimes readed corrupted data at long size on CDMA phones)
    - Improved, EEP address allocation on 'GetAddr'
    - Improved, 'Get details' on selftest
    - Fixed, BT MCM auth bug
    - Fixed, PMM read bug(readed 0 bytes value)
    - Fixed, server password missing char

    keren... tp ada sayangnya.....


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