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    My Virtual Dog Tommy

    I would like to present a new game created by Wizards Time LLC to you. As we are paving their way towards the success through introducing phenomenal games, we put an incredible amount of effort in it. As we have just started creating Virtual pet games, we crave assessment and comment from you all. Your participation will certainly improve the quality of the presented games and some further projects.

    Hello everyone! Let us introduce you to the cutest virtual pet - Tommy! Dog games for kids have never been so cute! In these virtual pet games you will make a wonderful new friend! You can dress him, bathe him, feed him, even play mini games with him! Dogs games just got a new star! If you are looking for a sweet virtual pet that you can always carry with you, search no more! Everything you need is right here in these free games for girls and boys!
    If you are longing to get a puppy, but you are not quite sure if your are ready just yet, virtual dog games are just the thing! Puppy Tommy is simply the cutest! You can dress him, and even put costumes on him in these dog games for kids and he will never complain! On the contrary! He longs for your attention and care. Without your proper care in these virtual pet games Tommy might even get sick!

    The name of this game is My Virtual Dog Tommy.

    It is available on Google Play:

    Screenshot_2015-09-21-13-08-35. Screenshot_2015-09-21-13-16-47. Screenshot_2015-09-21-13-16-59. Screenshot_2015-09-21-13-29-28. Screenshot_2015-09-21-13-34-40. Screenshot_2015-09-21-14-49-53. Screenshot_2015-09-21-14-53-48. Screenshot_2015-09-21-14-58-28.
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