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    Viewing and downloading videos gradually become an indispensable application of any smartphone. Users can use this feature thoroughly but often have trouble when there is no network. So let tubemate for android helps you download the videos to watch whenever you want.


    You will go from surprise to surprise by what tubemate 2.2.6 for android brings. From watching online videos as fast as "storm" without needing strong internet. Or to download with ultr- fast speed, backup to SD card immediately. You can still listen via facebook, gaming or surfing while downloading the video. In the case network error or incidents, videos are automatically downloaded without downloading from beginning.

    The salient features of Tubemate for Android:
    • Allows search any videos, suggest related video
    • Video download has an extremely fast speed, smooth
    • Many options of resolution configuration
    • Not interrupted by ads, junk
    • Easily manage drag or drop
    • Size small, suitable for your cricket
    • Supports MP3 format (made by MP3 Media Converter)
    • Videos Sharing via facebook, gmail, Zalo by a click
    Downloading tubemate 2.2.8 for android 4.0 on your phone means you have owned a collective "encyclopedic" videos you love to your phone. Surely this is a smart choice perfectly fit your mobile phone.

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