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    Ready stok bos
    Features :
    100% Brand New.
    Professional Soldering Tool is great for lead-free soldering semiconductors.
    Iron plated tip and stainless steel construction offer longer life.
    High quality long lasting ceramic type heater.
    Lightweight with a pencil handle.
    Adjustable temperature controlled soldering iron: 200-450°C (There is a knob wheel on the Electronic Soldering Gun for temperature adjust).

    Operating :
    Clean the parts to be joined
    Clean soldering iron tip and "tin" all faces tip with a coating of solder
    3.heat parts (not solder)to be joined
    apply flux-core solder to heated parts,not tit till solder me soldering tip ,and heat it till solder melts and flows freely.

    Caution :
    when the soldering iron is plugged in for the first time,there comes out a smoke from the tip end.
    use soldering stand and other aids to avoid bur fingers.
    don't pulled the soldering and other aids to avoid burnt fingers.
    after finish the longer life tip face.
    don't file the long life tip face and don't apply too much solder unnecessarily.

    Specification :
    soldering iron length :18,5cm
    cable length :143cm

    IDR :Rp.190.000

    minat Cp langsung bosku ....

    WhatsApp Anto : +6285700912176
    WhatsApp Dila : +6285726026181

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    1. Exquisite patented design, the use of new environmentally friendly high transparent material, positive transparent, back scrub, integrated mini malist design gives the atmosphere and feel.While the handle central with a high-temperature insulation ring to prevent heat transfer to the handle effectively.
    2.Electric iron overall stability is much higher.
    3. Using the latest temperature control circuit, energy-efficient, while rapid heating, cutting temperature recovery performance.
    4. With thermostat circuit, thermostat range 200 °C-480 °C. Users can very easily adjust the settings as needed.
    5. Use long-life lead-free solder tips, can be applied to a variety of lead-free soldering processes.
    6. Anti-static design, additional alligator clip ground wire, anti-static devices to meet different requirements.
    7. Adopt a common device design, easy to replace devices
    8.YIHUA 947-III the power is 60W,have power switch on the handle.


    Voltage: AC 220V/50Hz,110V/60Hz
    Power: 60W
    Adjustable temp: 200-480°C
    Constant output: Yes
    Anti-static: Yes

    Package includes:

    1 x YIHUA 947-III 60W Electric Soldering Iron
    1 x Soldering Iron Stand


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    SOLDER TANGAN DEKKO 93 (Dual Quick Heat Soldering with Button)

    Solder ini memiliki spesifikasi panas antara 25 sampai 80 watt untuk seri DEKKO 93 dan 20 sampai 200 watt untuk DEKKO 97
    Button / tombol berfungsi untuk mengubah panas pada solder secara cepat ..

    Dilengkapi dengan gagang serta tutup solder dari bahan high temp P.V.C Material yang anti panas.
    Serta bahan pipa solder dari stainless .

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