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UFI v1.6.0.2202 New Update 2021

UFI Software version 6th Anniversary Update, Whats New General changes:
Samsung Update FFU to Clean RPMB,Read eMMC Firmware can directly use and share to other UFixers, ADD: Compatibility support for Windows 11 (Build 22000.120) 21H2(Preview), ADD: Dark mode UI support (Check "Theme" in Settings)
BUGFIX: Improved preloader parse Storage Id routine
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

eMMC ToolBox changes,ADD : New SAMSUNG moviNAND Firmware update support.
New FFU for eMMC: KM3H6001CA-B515 @ BGA254, KM3H6001CM-B515 @ BGA254, KM3V6001CM-B705 @ BGA254, KMDD60018M-B320 @ BGA254, KMDH6001DA-B422 @ BGA254, KMDH6001DM-B422 @ BGA254, KMDP60018M_B425 @ BGA254, KMDP6001DA-B425 @ BGA254, KMDX60018M-B425 @ BGA254, KMDV6001DM-B620 @ BGA254, KMF310002M-B305 @ BGA221, KMF5X0005C-B211 @ BGA221, KMF720012M-B214 @ BGA221, KMF820012M-B305 @ BGA221, KMF820012M-B305 @ BGA221, KMFE10012M-B214 @ BGA221, KMFE60012M-B214 @ BGA221, KMFJ20005A-B213 @ BGA221, KMFJ20007M-B214 @ BGA221, KMFN10012M-B214 @ BGA221, KMFN10012M-B214 @ BGA221, KMFN60012M-B214 @ BGA221, KMFNX0012M-B214 @ BGA221, KMGD6001BM-B421 @ BGA221, KMGX6001BM-B514 @ BGA221, KMQ31000SM-B417 @ BGA221, KMQ310013M-B419 @ BGA221, KMQ72000SM-B316 @ BGA221, KMQ8X000SA-B414 @ BGA221, KMQD60013M-B318 @ BGA221, KMQD60013M-B318 @ BGA221, KMQE10013M-B318 @ BGA221, KMQE60006M-B318 @ BGA221, KMQE60006M-B318 @ BGA221, KMQE60013M-B318 @ BGA221, KMQN10006B-B318 @ BGA221, KMQN10006M-B318 @ BGA221, KMQN1000SM-B316 @ BGA221, KMQNW000SM-B316 @ BGA221, KMQX10013M-B419 @ BGA221, KMQX10013M-B419 @ BGA221, KMR21000BM-B809 @ BGA221, KMR31000BA-B614 @ BGA221, KMR4Z0001A-B803 @ BGA221, KMR7X0001M-B511 @ BGA221, KMR820001M-B609 @ BGA221, KMR8X0001M-B608 @ BGA221, KMRC1000BM-B809 @ BGA221, KMRC10014M-B809 @ BGA221, KMRD60014M-B512 @ BGA221, KMRE1000BM-B512 @ BGA221, KMRH60014A-B614 @ BGA221, KMRP60014M-B614 @ BGA221, KMRX1000BM-B614 @ BGA221, KMRX1000BM-B614 @ BGA221, KMRX10014M-B614 @ BGA221, KMRX10014M-B614 @ BGA221, KMRX60014M-B614 @ BGA221, KMRX60014M-B614 @ BGA221, KLM8G1GEAC-B031 @ BGA153, KLM8G1GEND-B031 @ BGA169, KLM8G1GETF-B041 @ BGA153, KLMAG1JENB-B041 @ BGA153, KLMAG2GE2A-A002 @ BGA169, KLMAG2GEAC-B031 @ BGA153, KLMAG2GEND-B031 @ BGA153, KLMAG2WEPD-B031 @ BGA153, KLMAG2WEPD-B031 @ BGA153, KLMAG4FEJA-A001 @ BGA169, KLMAG4FEJA-A002 @ BGA169, KLMBG2JENB-B041 @ BGA153, KLMBG2JETD-B041 @ BGA153, KLMBG4GEAC-B031 @ BGA153, KLMBG4WE4A-A001 @ BGA169, KLMBG4WEBC-B031 @ BGA153, KLMBG8FE4B-B001 @ BGA169, KLMCG4JENB-B041 @ BGA153, KLMCG4JETD-B041 @ BGA153, KLMCG8GEAC-B001 @ BGA153, KLMCG8GEND-B031 @ BGA153, KLMDG4UCTA-B041 @ BGA153, KMJ5X000WM-B413 @ BGA153, KMK8X000VM-B412 @ BGA162

Read eMMC Fw , BUGFIX : Minor bugfixes and improvements, BUGFIX : Improved Update eMMC Fw routine, Read firmware dump from eMMC, generated file can be used directly. Download UFI Setup v1.6.0.2202 : Mega / GDrive / Uploadrar / MediaFire / AndroidFileHost

UFI Software Update version, UFS ToolBox release preview :
UFS ToolBox requires a UFI UFS-PROG device and will later be available as an upgrade kit for current users,
UFS-PROG hardware must be paired with UFI-BOX, so you still need UFI-BOX to work with the software

General changes:
ADD: Support for Android 10 with dynamic partitions so the system information for Android 10 should be read correctly now
eMMC ToolBox changes:
ADD: RPMB provision information on identify
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

Android ToolBox changes:
ADD: Bypass security for MediaTek devices , Supported chipset :
MT6785, MT6765, MT6761, MT6763, MT6768, MT6771, MT6779, MT6755, MT6750, MT6757, MT6758, MT6735, MT6737, MT6739, MT6797, MT6799, MT8163, MT8173, MT8695, MT6877, MT6833, MT6893, MT6853, MT6885, MT6873
This function should work for all brands including Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Meizu devices
Some of these chipsets has been tested and some not, please report if you experience any issues with a specific chipset
This function works standalone and FREE but will only work if you have at least 1 UFI credit in your account

BUGFIX: Improved flashing routine
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements
!!! WARNING: Do not rename "BRAND" and "MODEL" list to be different as at support site, certain features might not working properly !!!
UFI v1.5.0.2008 Setup Download : Mega I GDrive I MediaFire I AndroidFileHost

Bootloader Authorization service is limited as "Bootloader Authorization" which is required for Identify, Flashing, Read, Write,
Erase and Special Task menu If Bootloader Authorization request fails, you may retry 2 more times at no cost
For any issue and refund claim because of software bugs, you may write an email to support[at]ufibox.com, please include your detailed logs
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