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How To Install Ubuntu Using Etcher

Although Ubuntu is among the least customizable and many graphic UI-oriented distros, it's still a fairly good selection for programming, and the evidence of this is it being the Linux distro for Android Open Source Project -- new Android releases are constantly tested on Ubuntu, and it's also home to heaps of cloud and server programming, because of its popularity and stability. It's worth noting that, besides using its software centre, it can also use its ancestor Debian's .deb files, which effectively makes its library the most abundant one out there. Software like Etcher and Rufus allows you to to make bootable USB flash drives for the purpose of installing Ubuntu.

There is yet another attribute specific to Ubuntu -- it supports so-called'snaps', an application-packaging format made by Snapcraft, which basically means developers can use any programming language, and then package it up and distribute their applications effortlessly.