NSS.exe Beta - 31 Oct 2006

Discussion in 'Federal One' started by alif30, Nov 1, 2006.

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    This is the final stable release: NSS.exe Beta - 31 Oct 2006
    - Added support for N93 flashing
    - Automatic Online Update function added. It will allow NSS
    to self update its own dll's for critical bugs, fixes and new
    features. This feature can be enable from the Settings page of
    the Device Info menu. If selected, instead of closing NSS will
    continue running in the system tray and check continuosly for
    available updates
    - Production Data Edit activated for BB5
    - Last used mode selection is now saved after closing NSS, so on next start the same mode will be selected. Very usefull if
    the user works mainly with the same generation of phone
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    om alif untuk update firmware itu buat Federal one atau Prodigy ( 1.0.28) thx bos

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