Mohon Bantuan Masalah Jawaban Web V-TRI

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    pak Mod & temen-temen mohon bamtuam kenapa jawaban Web V-TRI begini ya
    Di Erefill2014 ERefill - Bussiness Limited
    [SERVICE] Kirim Topup VTri
    [RESELLER] Dhaf
    [PRODUK] T1
    [MESSAGE] 1000
    [TIMESTAMP] 15:11:37
    [STATUS] Message Sent

    [SERVICE] Incomming
    [SENDER] Remote Host
    [MESSAGE] >>Recharge 89646755xxx is recharged with 1,000 Rupiah.You can query the history according to the Transaction ID:1230151138125368302
    [TIMESTAMP] 15:11:38
    [STATUS] Message Read

    Di tunggu bantuan

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