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Etcher Explained

Etcher is one of the leading software in the industry of bootable USB software that embodies a fundamental interface for users to enjoy. Etcher enables users to perform file transfers of these file density where hard drives are relied upon. More so than the fundamental functions of a bootable USB applications, balenaEtcher offers flexibility for all sorts of users who own different PCs or devices that use an assortment of operating systems such as Windows 10, Linux, and Mac OS. Etcher is one of several applications that lets one create a bootable USB system, and it is one of the best to do so.

Currently, the following balenaEtcher versions are available on their website here.

  • Balena Etcher Windows (x86|x64) (Installer)
  • Balena Etcher Windows (x86|x64) (Portable)
  • Balena Etcher Linux x64 (64-bit) (AppImage)
  • Balena Etcher Linux x86 (32-bit) (AppImage)
  • Balena Etcher macOS DMG (x86|x64)