Overlords of War Alpha Test 2 Opening at JoyWar

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    Dear creators,

    We're really excited to launch a brand new server Alpha Test 2 on Thursday Aug 4, 2016 at 8:00 am(CDT)! We have optimized some functions and fixed some bugs, and many splendid server events are added to the new server too. Have fun!

    Alpha Test benefits:

    Server Events

    Creators can complete corresponding quests to claim rewards. We have provided abundant rewards in this event, such as Legendary Hero Gillian’s Souls which you cannot obtain in normal gameplay, other heroes’ souls, a set of orange equipment (Summoner series), other equipment, resources, rare items and so on.
    Creators who login game daily can claim corresponding diamonds as rewards; 1000 diamonds for 1st day login, 500 diamonds for 2nd day login, 500 diamonds for each of the following days.

    Creators who login game can become VIP. VIP1 for 2nd day login, VIP2 for 4th day login and VIP3 for 6th day, VIP3 is the max VIP Level during AT period.

    Bug Reports
    Bug reports will be rewarded, please find more information at the link below:http://forums.joywar.com/forum/over...game-bugs-ad/7176-bug-report-events-during-at
    7 Days Pack
    Creators who login game daily can claim corresponding rewards every day. Logging in for 7 days continuously can get rewards worth for 3000 diamonds.

    Online Pack
    Creators can claim online rewards according to your online time.
    Creators in Alpha Test will enjoy extra benefits in Closed Beta Test.

    During your game play, if you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Our support email is oow_support@joywar.comOur Fanpage is https://www.facebook.com/OverlordsofWar1/
    Thanks for all your support. See you there!

    Overlords of War Operating Team

    Aug 3, 2016

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