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    A violent disruption occurred in the 2-Dimensional World and many comic characters come to the real world, thereby causing chaos. Are you the chosen one that can save the world from chaos?The first server of the game "Adventure of Heroes" will be officially launched at 8:00 on Sep. 21, 2016 (EDT).
    Server Launch Time: Sep. 21, 2016 (EDT)
    Server Name: 001 Dawn Forest

    Apple Store:
    Google Play Store:
    Official Android APK File:

    Top-up Rebate
    Event Time: Sep. 21 - Sep. 27 Midnight (EDT)
    Double First Top-up
    New players who top up for the first time can obtain double Gems! The event is permanent. It applies to all tiers of top-up amount.

    First Top-up Rewards
    Players who top up (including Gems and VIP card) can obtain the Gold hero, Sun Goku, 688888 gold coins, three figurines and one Medium Elixir.
    The event is permanent. After topping up, you can go to "First top-up -> Receive" and receive it!

    Hot Top-Up
    During the event, players who top up a certain amount of money can obtain abundant rewards. The top reward is the Heavenly hero, Thor!
    The event will be end at Midnight on Sep. 27. Find more details in "Event".

    Daily Top-up
    During the event, players top-up a certain amount of money can obtain rewards. Here you can obtain figurines and rare ores which are essential for heroes’ growth.
    The event will be end at Midnight on Sep. 27. Find more details in "Event".

    Adventures of Heroes is a 2D Card RPG which focuses on exploring and mining. Your goal is to form a powerful team of up to 20 heroes to pass through the different challenges on the map, finally delivering the Dimension Book back to its original place and save the 2D World from corruption. In addition to adventuring, Mining is another special gameplay. You can obtain special ores through digging, and the ores are essential for heroes’ growth. As you dig deeper, you’ll also meet high level BOSS and obtain rare ores.
    In “Adventure of Heroes”, go and save the world with you courage and wisdom!
    We welcome you to support us or leave a messages on our Facebook
    If you have any questions about our game, you can also contact our

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